Keep improving your barista skills


At the OR School we try to help all our students to grow their coffee skills. Coffee bar owner, coffee expert or cappuccino enthousiast, we love to share our expertise with you.

For the people who have already achieved a certain level of coffee skills (for example by following our full barista training) we offer follow up workshops and custom made trainings.

For OR’s professional customers with a horeca business we also organize workshops on a regular basis about filter coffee, tea, cold coffee drinks or home made limonade and iced teas.

Full Barista Training
filter coffee box

Latte art workshop

Improve your barista skills with our latte art workshop.

Learn how to produce the right milk texture or microfoam for your coffee, then improve your pouring with plenty of hands-on practice. We will also practice with plant-based milk alternatives.

A Sensory Skills Training

Learn all about the differences in flavors and aromas in coffee with this interactive workshop.

Sensory skills is about training your senses to accurately taste and smell coffee. We will discuss the essentials of sensory evaluation in an interactive manner, explore the vocabulary of the coffee expert to describe different aromas in coffee and practice our senses with some very practical exercises. We will finish the workshop with a basic introduction to cupping.

This is a workshop for people who have already a basic understanding about specialty coffee.