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Our Brewing courses

Learn to brew filter coffee

At OR Coffee we love a good filter coffee. That’s why we always try to provide a few light roasted single origine coffees in our shop. These coffees are more delicate and have complex and fruity flavors.

A fruity Ethiopian coffee on Chemex or a full bodied Brazilian coffee on Kalita? The difference between French Press and Aeropress? OR’s secret recipe for a 2 liter batch brew at your office or lunch bar? Brew ratio, grind size or water quality? Slow brew coffee will have no secrets for you after this workshop.

This is a hands-on training with lots of practical tips and tricks. For this reason we like to keep the group to a maximum of 6 participants for each training.

filter coffee box

For who?

  • Home Barista

    Filter coffee is the easiest way to brew a delicious cup of coffee at home. Shake up your morning routine with our filter coffee workshop!

  • Professionals

    Making filter coffee at your horeca business doesn’t have to be difficult. Do you want to start doing a pour-over by hand or a 2 liter batch brew, we will help you prepare the perfect cup of slow coffee for you customer.