Our barista courses

A hands-on training for professionals and coffee lovers

Do you want to start your own coffee business, become a better barista or just want to brew a nice cup of coffee at home? The barista training is the perfect start for everybody who wants to improve their coffee skills.

At the OR School we try to provide a great learning experience to all our students. Our courses are taught by an experienced barista trainer and with professional equipment. We try to keep groups small, so we can guarantee a hands-on training.

What's included in the full barista training?

1 Introduction to coffee & cupping

At OR Coffee we buy almost all our coffee at the origin. This makes for many years of experience we would love to share with you.

During the introduction course we will talk about the differences between coffee origins and varieties, process methodes, roasting and more. After this afternoon you will have a basic understanding about single origins, specialty coffee and what brings quality to coffee.

We finish the course with a cupping (coffee tasting).

2 Espresso techniques

The espresso is the most important ingredient of your cappuccino and the basis of every coffee bar. What is a correct espresso and how to prepare it? A hands on training about preparing an espresso, tamping techniques, extraction and grind settings.

We start the training with finding the right grinder settings and maintaining the espresso machine. We will also focus on evaluating an espresso on taste and flavour.

3 Milk techniques

The cappuccino is a popular drink in the coffee bar. Learning to make a delicious cappuccino is crucial for every barista. We start with foaming milk to the right temperature with a nice and creamy texture. After which we learn to pour some basic latte art designs. Of course we will not only practice our latte art skills with cow milk, different plant-based alternatives will also be available.