Full Barista Training

Dreaming about your own coffee bar?

Your own coffee bar

Starting your own business is not an easy decision, but with a little bit of help we can grow together.

What, where or how to start? What’s the ideal location for your concept? Aren’t there already too many coffee bars? Do you really need a big expensive espresso machine? Can a coffee bar survive only on coffee or will you have to do food? This are all valid questions you will have to answer before you start your own business.

Katrien Pauwels and Tom Janssen started OR Coffee Roasters in 2001 with a little coffee and tea shop in Aalst. Today OR Coffee Roasters grew to a coffee roastery with 4 bars, the OR School where we train baristas and Cup-A-Lot where we sell our direct fair trade coffee to other coffee roasters. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in starting coffee bars. If you decide to start with OR Coffee, we would love to share our knowledge with you!

Coffee bars who want to start with OR Coffee can rely on our expertise. We support you with planning, barista training your staff and buying the necessary machines. Starting a coffee business has no secrets anymore.