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OR for horeca

Did you know our Houseblend is the most populair specialty coffee blend in Belgium?

More and more bars, restaurants and hotels discover that quality coffee matters. Our House Blend is a 100% arabica specialty coffee blend. Delicious with some milk on the side, black or in a cappuccino.

At OR Coffee Roasters we value every step of the coffee supply chain. That’s why we choose for Direct Fair Trade. Today we buy almost all our coffee directly from the origin. This way we ensure that we only buy the highest quality coffee and pay a fair price to the coffee farmer.

Coffee beans are just the start. Our customers can make a big difference by serving OR coffee the right way. That’s why we provide barista trainings for all our customers at the OR SCHOOL.


  • Specialty Coffee

    Choose for quality coffee. Your customers will taste the difference.

  • Direct Fair Trade

    Join us and share our Direct Fair Trade story with your customers.


    We teach you the secrets of making an excellent cup of coffee.

What our clients are saying

High quality, sustainable and open communication combined with a huge passion for coffee convinced us to work with Tom and Katrien.
Twee sterrenrestaurant met een creatieve hedendaagse keuken van chef Michaël Vrijmoed, gelegen in centrum Gent.
Benjamin De Buck, Maître en somelier — Restaurant Vrijmoed
Delicious coffee delivered by a team of super passionate people.
ESMOLA — Esmola
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