Professional solutions for your business

Your own coffee bar

Dreaming of opening a restaurant, lunch bar or coffee shop on your own? You will probably have a lot of questions. 

With OR Coffee Roasters we have owned 4 successful coffee bars. Over the years we gathered a lot of experience about starting and managing a horeca business. Expertise we would love to share with you.

We will help you find the right espresso machine for your location, give advice about the ideal set up for your bar and train your staff to become professional baristas. 

OR for Horeca

We love to help our customers serve that perfect cup of coffee.

A good cup of coffee is an essential part of everyones dining experience.  

From your favorite local brunch spot to Michelin-starred restaurants, every place is unique. Thanks to years of experience we can help you with different coffee solutions. 

We organise workshops and a barista training at the OR School. Some will only be available for horeca customers, this way we make sure you are always serving the best coffee of your neighborhood. 

OR for your office

Ever wondered why coffee at the office doesn’t taste as good as the coffee made by a barista?

It all starts with the right beans, roast and coffee machine. If you take care about this, a delicious coffee at the office is not difficult.

Looking for an easy coffee solution with delicious results? We can help you find the right equipment and we will deliver fresh roasted coffee at your office. 

Private Label Roastery

Today, a successful business is one that is able to focus on its core, make choices and is able to move faster than its competitors.

Every part in the coffee chain has its own specialists. You might be passionate about coffee, be creative with your own brand and approach the market in your own personal way.

Thanks to our experience and infrastructure, we can help you create your own private label. We will source specialty coffee and roast the coffee that fits your brand.