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Seasonal Blend – La Revolución

€8,95 – €175,00

Coffee is a seasonal product, this is why we have a seasonal blend that changes from time to time, depending on the coffee beans we have in stock.

OR’s Seasonal Blend is roasted for espresso. This ‘La Revolución’ is a sunny melange of:

50% Peru

30% El Salvador

20%  Costa Rica

Taste notes are: spicy, licorice and cassis.

For a 6 kg box we offer you a B2B price of 175€/6kg incl. VAT!

For 6 kg the only option is beans. If you have a VAT number you can insert it at check-out and you’ll receive an invoice.



250 grams, 1 kg or 6 kg of coffee, roasted with love.

Free shipping in Belgium starts from 40€.

All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics).