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Kenya – Kaguyu AB


Know where your coffee comes from

Kenya is one of the countries we do not buy our coffee directly from. We buy this coffee through a trader that we trust and we’re happy to work with for years already.

This coffee comes from the Kaguyu mill, located near Kerugoya town and services 850 smallholder farmers. Each farmer growing about 200 trees per farm. The cooperative is Inoi farmers cooperative.

Coffee in Kenya is typically traceable down to the mill level: most farmers own between ⅛ to ¼ of a hectare, and often grow crops other than coffee as well, which means they rely on a central processing unit for sale and processing of their coffee. Produces will deliver their cherries to the mill, where the cooperative will sort, weigh and issue payment for the delivery. The coffee is then blended with the rest of the day’s deliveries and goes on to be processed. This system is normal for most of the African countries, where producers do not own a washing station/mill of themselves. In Ethiopia we have met a few single farmers, as we call them, who produce natural processed coffees and do it themselves.

Proces: washed

Altitude: 1750 MASL


How it’s roasted
This coffee is roasted for filter. Taste notes are not your typical Kenyan coffee: caramel and licorice root with a medium acidity.



This bag contains 250 grams of coffee roasted with passion.

Free shipping in Belgium starts from 40€.

All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics). 

Price per kg: 40€/kg