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Honduras – Arlin Antonio Rivera


Know where your coffee comes from

We buy our coffee from Honduras from the cooperative Cafesmo. One of the farmers in the cooperative is Arlin Antonio Rivera, Katrien visited him this year in February. He is a passionate man who pours a lot of love and hard work in his coffee. The name of the Finca is El lesquin.

District: San Marcos

Altitude: 1267

Variety: Catimore, Pacas

Process: Washed


How it’s roasted
This coffee is roasted for filter. Taste notes are fruity, fresh, high acidity and a round body.


This bag contains 250 grams of coffee roasted with passion.

Free shipping starts from 40€, you can choose Free shipping at the check out.

All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics).