Ethiopia – Sidamo Gr 1 Suke Quto


This Ethiopian coffee is a pulped natural or honey processed coffee from Suke Quto washing station, which is owned by Tesfaye. Preparing the pulped coffees is done within a tight time-frame. The pickers deliver the cherries at Tesfaye’s station and floaters are immediately separated from the high quality cherries. Then the pulping machine does it work, followed by another round of floater elimination. That is when the parchment is divided in grade 1 and 2. Tesfaye only uses grade 1 for his honey processed coffees. After 15 to 17 days of drying, the parchment leaves the beds to rest in the warehouse. The last stop before coffee milling.

We roasted this coffee for filter. Expect a very easy drinking filter coffee with a medium acidity and a juicy mouthfeel; notes of tropical fruits and apricot.

This is also our very first organic certified coffee we have to offer. As you may or may not know, a lot of coffees are organically grown but paying for the certification is not as easy for every producer. This makes the road to high quality ànd organically certified coffee very wobbly.  But we’re happy to say this one has it both.

350grams of love