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Ethiopia – Guwacho Heleph Tsegab for filter


Know where your coffee comes from

For our Ethiopian coffee we work with Tsegab from Heleph Coffee. He is a young and passionate man who has a mission to sell the specialty coffee from his region directly to specialty coffee roasters like us. A lot of money and quality went to waste in the past when selling coffee to middleman, that’s why he wanted to radically change the way his family had always been working. First he studied how to get an export license, so he would export his own coffee. After that he searched for coffee roasters like us who wanted to buy directly from his washing station without passing through middle man and traders.

Heleph Coffee is a real family business of multiple washing stations in the Sidama region. Tsegab’s father, uncles and aunt are the owners of the washing stations we buy coffee from. This coffee comes from the Ayele washing station in Bona Zuria town.

Altitude: 2184

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Honey


How it’s roasted
This coffee is roasted for filter. Taste notes are white grapes, apricot, jasmine.


This bag contains 250 grams of coffee roasted with passion.

All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics).