Ethiopia – Guji Gr 1 Bishan Dimo


The Bishan Dimo washing station is found in the Denbi Uddo kebele, which is part of the Guji area. This area is a combination of outstretched hills and mountains that give you the impression that the area is flat. But in fact, the area reaches heights up to 2000 m.a.s.l. Which is perfect for good quality coffee.

The Bishan Dimo site is surrounded by 800+ producing families.  The small plots, typically 1.5 hectares, are located at 1850 to 2050 m.a.s.l. Their coffee trees are shaded by false banana plants and the semi-forests that engulf their farms.

Washed coffees like this one, are fermented for 24/48 hours within clean cement tanks. The parchment is then dried for 10 to 12 days.

We roasted this fully washed Ethiopian Guji Gr 1 Bishan Dimo coffee for filter. Expect a very easy drinking filter coffee with a medium acidity and a juicy mouthfeel; notes of tropical fruits and apricot.

350 grams of love.