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Ethiopia – Gebeyew Gelesa


Know where your coffee comes from

This coffee comes from the Gebeyew Gelesa washing station, which is named after its owner. We buy our coffee through Heleph Coffee, a family business of multiple washing stations in Ethiopia.

This specific washing station is situated in the Sidama region, Bona zuria district. The washing station is rather small with its 4ha and 10 staff members. Gelesa sources coffee from +-200 local coffee farmers. As we see every year when we visit the washing stations of Heleph Coffee, these farmers sometimes only have 4 or 5 bags of coffee to sell, most of the farmers have very small patches of land.

The altitude of the processing site is 2080 m above sea level.

The coffee is processed with the fully washed method. This means that after the cherries are picked manually, the coffee will be depulped and fermented for 48-72h. After that they are washed and dried on African beds for 14-18 days.

How it’s roasted
This coffee is roasted for filter. Taste notes are raspberry and nectarine with a high acidity.



This bag contains 250 grams of coffee roasted with passion.

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