Colombia – Eduard Alcaraz


Eduard Alcaraz farm La Escuadra in La Mesa, near the village of Santa Fe de Antioquia, is with mountains between 2000 and 2200 masl the ideal region to grow coffee in Colombia.

Fully washed and dried on African beds, this gives a medium bodied coffee with a delicate and complex taste of sweet caramel, hazelnuts and a subtle acidity of mandarin orange.

Roasted for filter.

Country: Colombia
District: Antioquia
Village: Santa Fe de Antioquia, La Mesa
Name farmer: Eduard Alcaraz
Altitude: 2.000-2.200
Coffee variety: Caturra
Fermentation method/processing: Washed
Drying table: African beds
Flavour: delicate, Hazelnuts, mandarin orange, dulce de leche