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Burundi – Bavyeyi for espresso


Know where your coffee comes from

This coffee comes from the Bavyeyi washing station in the Muyange Gashoho village, Muyinga province.

It is very difficult to work directly with producers from Burundi, because a lot is still being managed by the government. We work with Jeanine and her brother René. Jeanine lives in Boston, but was born and raised in Burundi. She wanted to drink the amazing coffee from her village in the US, so she started investing in some washing stations, together with her brother who still lives in Burundi. Because of her investments in the washingstations, the producers are able to export higher quality coffee for a fairer price.

Proces: natural

Variety: Bourbon

Altitude: 1800 MASL


How it’s roasted
This coffee is roasted for espresso. Taste notes are strawberry and roses, with the acidity of grapefruits.




This bag contains 250 grams of coffee roasted with passion.

Free shipping starts from 45€, you can choose Free shipping at the check out.

Price per kg: 40€/kg

All coffee bags are 100% recyclable, so please recycle with PMD/PMC (plastics).