Roasting Coffee is Pure Craftsmanship

OR Coffee Roasters started in the year 2000 when Tom began to roast coffee in his little coffee shop in Aalst. Specialty coffee was still very much unknown in Belgium and roasting coffee the traditional artisanal way was slowly disappearing.

The last few years specialty coffee gained a lot of popularity in Belgium. Where before we would only sell coffee to specialized coffee bars, today everybody can serve delicious coffee by OR. We are very proud OR Coffee could play a part in the third wave coffee revolution in Belgium.

In 2013 Tom was joined by our head roaster Miguel Maes. Together they roast on a 22kg and 60kg Probat. Next to the big machines we also use a micro-drum sample roaster by Probat. Our coffee roaster training station is equipped with a 1Kg Probatino for smaller batches and training purposes.

Tom and Miguel still roast all their coffee manually. The origin of the bean, process methode and other variables determine the way they roast a coffee. Every bean has his unique attributes and unique recipe.

If possible we will always recommend an ideal brewing methode for a coffee on our label. Depending on the roast and the general flavor profile of the coffee we will differentiate between a coffee for filter or for espresso.

Every roaster has his own vision about coffee. At OR we only work with quality specialty arabica coffee. We believe a light roasting process, in which the bean keeps most of its natural aromas, is the only way we can serve a coffee at his best.