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SCA Roasting Professional Level

This 3 day course will give you a deeper understanding of heat and heat transfer and more specific understanding of the physical, chemical and sensorial aspects of green and roasted coffee. It will also teach you about more subtle aspects of profile roasting and how the different parts of the roasting cycle affects physical and chemical aspects of the coffee. It will also give you the knowledge and skills needed as a manager to plan and execute quality control, create a product range to meet different customer segment preferences, calculate production costs, plan and execute lean production.

Price for SCA members: € 1180 ex. VAT (certification included)

Price for non SCA members: € 1270 ex. VAT (certification included)

We train in small groups with no more than 4 students.

The next Roasting Professional Training will start 17e October till the 19e.

This price includes:

  • Key information to enable you to do your Professional Level Roasting qualification that consists of a practical exams and a written exam (35 questions with a pass rate of 80% required).
  • In depth knowledge shared by experienced teachers. We are a company with 15 years of roasting experience and active in the specialty coffee movement since the very beginning. The course will be given to you by the OR Coffee Roasters. Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainer (AST) Miguel Maes and Q Grader and founder of OR Coffee, Tom Janssen.
  • A plunge in the real life coffee roasting business. As the course will take place at the roastery you will be able to see and ask whatever you want.
  • Morning coffee, fruits, healthy snacks and lunch every day.
  • A cupping spoon with engraved Logo

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