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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, wich means it's the only place in the world where coffee was found naturally. As a result there's an enormous diversity of different varietals to be found only in Ethiopia. (Estimates go from six to ten thousand coffee varietals!) Very often Ethiopian farmers do not even have an exact idea about witch coffee varietals are growing in their back yard! Together with cross polination that naturally occurs between all this different variatals, makes it very very hard to know wich coffee varietal we are drinking when we have a cup of Ethiopian coffee. To discribe this mix of different varietals, we say it's 'Ethiopian Heirloom'.

This Ethiopia Konga is an excellent example of a coffee from Yirgacheffe. The combination of the Ethiopian heirloom plants, the iron rich soil (laterite) and the skills of the Ethiopian coffee farmers gives this coffee it's floral aromas of bergamot, high acidity and silky body.

A coffee we roasted for filter.

We recomment you try this on chemex. It will surprise you with it's floral nose and almost tea-like body.

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Region: Yirgacheffe

Washing station: Miteku Shento

Process: Fully Washed

Roast: Filter

Taste: Bergamot, floral, high acidity, silky body

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