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This Costa Rica coffee is something special!

When farmers process coffee cherries into coffee beans, they usually follow more or less the same process: commonly 'fully washed', 'honey processed' or 'natural'. With this coffee the farmers of Finca La Ortega followed a more experimental way: the anaerobic process.

The whole process from coffee cherrie to bean is done in a stainless steel and airtight sealable container. The coffee must be picked very ripe, so the amount of sugar in the cherries is very high to boost the fermentation. During the fermentation, the temperature of the tank is controlled, since the process is required to last approximately between 18 and 23 hours. After 15 hours the pH is constantly measured to know how the fermentation is going. The fermentation should be stopped when the mucilage sugars have been consumed, but no alcohol is produced. During the fermentation of the CO2 that occurs when not being able to leave, exerts a high pressure on the grains and allows that the flavors of the coffee juices are introduced inside the parchment. After this fermentation process the coffee receives at least 4 hours of sun on the first day, otherwise, it may happen that the fermentation continues and it is not possible to catch the flavors we want.

Thanks to this anaerobic fermentation we also find some very interesting flavour profile in this coffee: apple, cinnamon and a silky body. A coffee for the more adventures filter coffee lover.

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Finca La Ortega

Process: Anaerobic Fermentation

Roast: filter

Taste: Apple, Cinnamon, medium acidity, silky body

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