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The washing station, Sehe, is located in Shibitoke province at 1750 meters and the coffees are harvested up to 2000 meters. When the quality of the cherries is high and there is enough capacity on the drying tables, they will do only natural processed coffee. The cherries are soaked in water to remove all floaters. Then the farmers will spread the cherries out in a single layer for the first 2 days while they are sorting out immature, deceased and overripe cherries. It's only after the 2 - 3 first days they slowly build up the layers, and are moving and turning the cherries on the table multiple times per day. This methode seems to create a cleaner and brighter profile in their environment.

We roasted this coffee for the adventures espresso drinkers: funky, berry like with a sweet and full body.

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Region: Shibitoke province
Variety: Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Roast: Espresso
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