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Fazendas Dutra is comprised of five farms all of which belong to members of the Dutra family. Together, the farms occupy 764 hectares of prime coffee growing land nestled in the green hills of the Sao Joao do Manhuaçu district in the spectacular coffee-producing state of Minas Gerais. This particular lot hails from the farm ‘Agua Limpia’, 240 hectares of which are composed of prime coffee growing land. Like all the Fazendas Dutra farms, Agua Limpia has been meticulously cultivated in perfect harmony with nature over the course of more than 50 years. The climate, the soil and the altitude convey distinctive aromas, flavors and a balanced body that have been recognized by multiple coffee quality competitions, national and international.

Today, the Dutra family farm over 500 acres of level-curve-planted coffee and are planning on expanding cultivation even more. They produce 16 thousand bags/year (approx. 40 bags/hectare), of which 6 thousand are of specialty grade coffee. The farms employee 50 people year-round and provide an additional 250 jobs during the low season and 600 jobs in the period of the harvest. The secret of this success is passion, hard work and a continuous commitment to improving quality.

Roasted for espresso this coffee packs tons of sweetness, a flavour of roasted almonds/hazelnuts and a round body.

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Farm: Fazendas Dutra

Region: Sao Joao do Manhuaçu, Minas Gerais

Varietal: Catuai

Processing: Pulped natural

Flavour: Roasted almonds/hazelnuts, sweet, round body, low acidity

Roast: Espresso

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