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Private Label Roastery

Every part in the coffee chain has its own specialists. You might be passionate about coffee, about creating your own brand, about approaching the market in your own personal way. However this doesn't make you yet a great roaster or a good green coffee sourcer. One of my mentors one day told me "today, a succesful business is the one that is able to focus on its core, make choices and because of that is able to move faster than its competitors".

The core of our roastery is ... roasting coffee!

We are roasting for different brands and trough our sister company sourcing for different brands. Our fully equiped roastery has two different Probat roasters, a 22kg and a 60kg.

Our experience and infrastructure helps you to only focus on your part of the job. You define:

1. Your brand name

2. Your coffee origin

3. Your packaging

After defining these essential steps we take care of sourcing, storing, roasting, packaging. Want to discuss this opportunity?

tom@orcoffee.be or 0032 473 29 07 19.

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