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Roasting coffee is pure craftsmanship. From the moment the coffee beans arrive at our coffee roaster in Westrem (Wetteren), our roaster starts to roast them manually. Our coffee beans come directly from different coffee plantations spread over the world to ensure fair trade quality.

Our 2 roasters Tom and Miguel roast each bean separately according to a unique recipe. Roasting coffee is like cooking: the beans are merely the ingredients; the roasting determines the result that ends up in your cup.

At OR we roast with a Probat coffee roaster but the roasting itself happens manually. The roaster defines the temperature and roasting time based on origin and the processing mode of the green bean at the coffee plantation. The end goal (espresso or filter coffee) also influences his choices.

Each coffee-roasting house has its own style. At OR we only produce Arabica coffees of the finest quality and practice a light roasting process, in which the bean keeps most of its natural aromas. Quality beans should be roasted not burned. A dark roasting is absolutely not done at OR. We like to compare it to roasting a filet mignon: you don’t invest in quality meat to overcook it. That would be a waste and with coffee beans it comes down to the same.

Did you know quality coffee doesn’t upset your stomach? It’s not the quantity but the quality that gives people stomach-ache after drinking lots and lots of coffee. Two causes of bad coffee:

  • Picking unripe coffee beans. Coffee beans are a fruit as the beans are actually seeds that grow in a cherry-like fruit. When you eat unripe cherries from your garden your stomach will definitely get upset and the same counts for the cherry-like fruit that carries the coffee beans. Some coffee-roasting houses mix unripe and ripe cherries, which results in an unbalanced coffee that lies heavy on the stomach.
  • Burning coffee beans. Burned food doesn’t digest easily and the same counts for coffee beans. Coffee beans that have been roasted to a dark or black colour have lost their taste and are harder to digest. The only taste is bitterness and that’s not what we look for in our quality coffees.

You can participate in one of our workshops and waken the home barista in you or sign up for a professional course. We also have a special introduction course fit for everyone.

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