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19/06/2019 13:00 - 16:30
Introduction in Coffee & Cupping (UK)

Looking to start your own coffee business, becoming a beter barista or want to learn more about coffee in general? The SCA Barista Foundation course is the perfect start for everybody who wants to start their coffee journey. This training contains 3 different modules. We start with an Introduction and cupping (coffee tasting). If you want to learn more about the practical side, you can subscribe for the full training.

I Introduction into coffee:

What is specialty coffee? What makes coffee quality? We will give you the story of coffee from bean to cup. We finish the introduction with a cupping session (coffee tasting) where we'll taste the differences in origins and quality.

DATE: Wednesday 19/06 13h - 16h30

PLACE: OR Coffee Roasters; Dorpsstraat 31, 9230 Westrem (Wetteren).

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