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Preparing your coffee with a French Press

This method will enable you to create a full bodied coffee with low acidity.


Step 1: Put the French Press on a scale. Weigh 20gr of light roasted beans and grind them coarse. Put the grinded coffee into the French Press. Boil the water and let it cool until 92 °C.

Step 2: Poor the hot water on the coffee, just enough to wet all grinds. Let the coffee bloom for about 20 secs. Continue pooring after 20 secs until you poored 340ml water (use a scale to weigh your water exactly!).

Step 3: Break the crust after 90 secs.

Step 4: Press down after max 4 min. in total.

Step 5: Serve your coffee, relax, sit back and enjoy your great cup of specialty coffee.


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